November 13, 2009

Can I just say...

That I hate having to cook around food allergies???  
To cook a food that doesn't bother anyone I have to avoid dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, corn, and sugary and tomato based sauces.  If I'm counting all of the things that bother Jacob somewhat that require rotation... well, I won't even go there!
I'm happy to make healthy meals, but it's so hard to make an interesting meal (meaning one we've not had hundreds of times before!!) without major planning!!  I know I could leave the kids out, and they'd be happy to have peanut butter toast, but I feel like they need well rounded meals for dinner.  Plus, they survive on peanut butter already.  And I'm out of Mattie's bread.  And how do I raise kids who aren't picky if they never eat anything besides kid-friendly because I didn't cook two different meals each dinner??

All of those creamy casseroles and pastas look soooooooo yummy, but I know they'd be gross if I substituted all I'd need to to make them.  I'm just not good at that, though I try.  I wish cooking were my spiritual gift, but then I guess God wouldn't be glorified in my weakness.  I must say, He's not glorified by much of what I create anyway, weakness or otherwise.
It's just a drag sometimes!

But I want to do it and do it well!  Because I love my kids and husband and want them to feel well and be healthy.  I just want it to taste good too.
This is when I think it really wouldn't be bad to live in a kibbutz or some other close knit community.  I'll clean all the bathrooms in the compound, just don't make me cook! 

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Leslie said...

Just wanted to give you a big hug!!! We have different food issues here - but it is not my gift either and I often wonder why I have 3 children with specific (and different) food issues. It can be hard. I love your perspective though!

Praying for fresh ideas, renewed energy and peace as you plan and prepare for your family. You are an awesome mama!