November 02, 2009


If you're actually reading on my blog's site (instead of in an e-mail or RSS feed) you'll notice a new look!  I've been wanting to add a third column for a while now so I can add a few more things, but am always half asleep when I get a chance to mess with it.  But tonight the house was quiet and I was bored, so I went for it and it worked!  :)  So a few things are missing for the time being... my list of other blogs, namely (and my family pictures!).  I will put it back up, I just didn't get to it tonight.  I do miss my Thanksgiving look, but soon enough I'll switch it out to something red and green!

But while I'm taking care of details, anything you'd like to see here on the sidebars for quick access?  Or more posts on a certain topic?  I guess while I'm asking, what are your favorite kinds of posts?


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Linda said...

I love them ALL! Even the homeschool ones!('tis true) Maybe if you get it out in this format it won't be the primary topic of conversation when we're all together :^)

The kids' cute sayings and pics might be my favorite, but I really love reading what you're digesting spiritually, since you so often are ahead of me and challenge me!

Like I said: I love them all!