November 11, 2009

I went short again!

So this has been my hair since December or so, a version of it anyway.

And this is my hair as of Monday night!
One advantage of cutting my own hair is that when I get the itch (or a wild hair, haha!), I take care of it right away!  Sometimes I discipline myself to wait, but once I get an idea for a new do, it never goes away.  So I headed up to the bathroom around 9:30 Monday night and this is what I ended up with.  :)

(This photo is credited to Jacob.)
It feels so nice to have it short again!  I had it shorter than this when we got married, but it's been longer since Jacob was born.  The one disadvantage is that this cut will actually require some fixing, which my other one did not at all.  Of well, it feels good.  I suppose I can stand 10 minutes in the bathroom.

I did have an enjoyable time taking these pics... or editing them rather.  Well, maybe enjoyable isn't the word.  Some perspectives just aren't pretty.  And I found some wrinkles I'd never noticed!!!

And just fyi for my family members who might snicker... any matching of my shirt to my background is purely coincidental!


Kjirstin C said...

Ooh - fun!! I like it :)

Anonymous said...

Short and chic. (I always want something that will look more sophisticated too.)

I love your new do, and it makes your beautiful blue eyes really stand out!