November 05, 2009

So what do you think happens when...

you get 12 kids 8 and under together for a professional photo session??  Just look and see!!

Little boys take the opportunities to show their muscles and brothers tickle their sisters.

Observant little girls decide to clean out the ears of little boy cousins on front of them.

Big brothers of said little girls discreetly try to shoot the photographer.

Some little girls just can't resist the urge to be funny back at the photographer.

Everybody tries to help.

And some infants (who can't stand on their own) fall over (when the photographer ignores their mama and tries it anyway), pulling their 2 year old support over with them, making it look like the cute little girl behind him is pushing them over!  And the biggest brother again tries to tickle his sister.

But, hey, we do the best we can.

I think they're a good lookin' bunch of kids! 
(Add 5 more kids to this for a grand total of 17 in this generation of Robert's family!)


Photos by Portrait Innovations.


RosserFamily said...

Precious pictures!!! That is one talented photographer if she can get this many good pictures of 12 small children! She deserves a raise for sure. Great pictures!

Linda said...

They are SO cute! What a great job the photographer did - though he had great material to work with....

I hope I'm getting a couple of the last ones! hint, hint....