June 16, 2010

Two New Bibles

Jacob and I have both gotten new Bibles recently, and we love them!

For Jacob's birthday I got him The Picture Bible, Deluxe Edition
It is the story of the Bible written as a graphic novel, or a comic book.  Yes, it is different than actual Bible verses, but I believe there is a time and a place for giving a child a Bible he enjoys reading!  (He also has the NIrV for direct scripture learning.)  He sits in church and reads through pages and pages of this one, where his other one was visually overwhelming for his maturity level.  And I've found him in his room reading through it because he likes it.  That's good enough for me!
And I recently got the Holman Illustrated Study Bible.
I've been reading out of my New American Standard study Bible for 15 years and just needed a change.  Because I'm a very visual person, I needed it to look different when I read it so it would jump out at me.  I was sold when I saw the relevant photographs, charts, maps and time lines they have throughout the books (not all in one place in the back).  And because Beth Moore uses this one in her Bible studies, and I've liked how it reads I went for it.  I'm so happy I went with it!  I have enjoyed reading it again and it's new to me in ways I needed it to be.  That sounds totally seeker sensitive to describe it that way, but that's the truth!  When I'm reading familiar passages now they catch my eye and focus because they look new and are worded differently, as opposed to my eyes overlooking them because I've looked at the same underlining and notes for fifteen years.  The best part... I got exactly what I wanted for less than ten dollars at a discount store.  :)


Rachel said...

I'm proud of you for doing what you believe is the right thing even when others might look at you for doing something wrong.
I loved what you wrote when you gave your explanation about Jacob's Bible... "there is a time and a place for giving a child a Bible that he enjoys reading"! Yes!! We get so wrapped up in all sorts of rules, rights/wrongs, yes/no that we don't take the time to think through what we're actually doing to see if it's good for our family or our child in particular.
I'm glad you've found some words that you and Jacob both are treasuring, learning from, enjoying.

Leslie said...

This looks like one that would really appeal to Isaiah. I appreciate you writing about it because I'm not sure I would have looked at it - or even thought about it. I know I listened too much to a friend about translations and I've regretted it. I think this would be a good purchase. Thank you!