June 20, 2010

We love you, Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to Robert!

The kids were really excited to celebrate Father's Day this year, and I was proud of myself for actually completing two creative projects!  Robert is a great father and worthy of celebration.  :)
Superheroes are a part of every day life here right now, so I used this idea for a Superhero Survival Kit.  The kids were so excited about this one and loved helping with it.  I was pretty impressed both of them kept a secret!

Here are some pics we took dressed up in all things Daddy.  I've wanted to do this in years past, and knew that Jacob's almost old enough that it wouldn't be cute anymore.  I made a framed collage for him to put on his dresser, and the kids had photo frames they made at Lowe's to fill.

Silliness in Robert's big white undershirts.

White button ups.

Robert's hobby gear.
Trying really hard not to smile in the hats he wears every day.
We love you, Daddy!  You're the best!


Kjirstin C said...

Oh my goodness, that is so precious!! I LOVE the pictures, and what a great idea!

Leslie said...

What great photos!!! Great idea! I know he feels very loved.


Anonymous said...

Great minds think a like. We made Jon the same kit. Love the pics I might borrow that for another holiday:),

Isabel @AlphaMom said...

Your gift came out great! So glad you used it.

Happy Father's Day!


Matt Magee said...

I love it! And I have no doubt Robert did too. The kids in the fishing/hunting gear is so cute. Great idea Liss.