June 03, 2010

Unofficial Weight Watchers

Some of you know that Robert and I have done an unofficial version of weight watchers without really joining (meaning it was free).  We found all of these sites online, and just made our own weekly recording chart.  (I can't attach that here, but I'll e-mail it to you if you are interested.)  More than several times I've e-mailed all of these sites to people as they want to get started, so I thought I'd put them all here together. 
 I found all of this for FREE online.  None of this is information I have paid for and am illegally handing out to you. 

I have never needed to lose a large amount of weight as I have done ten pounds at a time when I've needed to, but using the points system has given me an awareness that I'll never forget.  Even when I'm not officially counting points, I keep the general habit of give and take in my head so I can stay healthy and feel good.  If I seem to be gaining and don't know why, I just start writing down my points and get the reality check I need!  And even if I'm not counting points for a weight loss reason, I feel better.  Counting points makes me avoid unhealthy foods, but it also makes me consume healthy ones that I otherwise avoid.  I triple my fruit and vegetable intake when I'm counting!  I also think the counting points concept works for me because I feel like I'm winning the game, and I don't cheat at games I'm playing.  If I stay within my daily points allotment, I feel like I'm ahead!  And saving my flex points for the weekend makes me feel like I get a reward.  Whatever it is, it works very well for me!  It does take the discipline of counting and being aware, but I don't know any successful long-term diet change program one can do without thinking.  It takes discipline to be healthy!

Online Point Calculator #1
Online Point Calculator #2

A chart of many generic foods and their point values.

A great website for restaurant and brand name nutritional and WW point info.

A one-point food list.  This site has other support information too.

And below is the formula to determine your points allotment.  (This may be an old formula, but it has worked for me twice.)

Daily Point Allotment Formula
Here’s something to try to figure out your daily allotment. You still get 35 Flex Points for the week.
1. Are you:
Female?………score 2
Male?………..score 8
Female and Breastfeeding?…..score 12

2. How old are you?
17-26…………..score 4
27-37…………..score 3
38-47…………..score 2
48-58…………..score 1
over 58…………score 0

3. What do you weigh?
Enter the 1st 2 digits of your weight in pounds.

4. How tall are you?
under 5′1………score 0
5′1 to 5′10…….score 1
over 5′10………score 2

5. Do you spend most of your day:
sitting down?……..score 0
Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing?….. score 2
Walking most of the time?……score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time?….score 6

6. Do you want to:
Lose weight?………..score 0
Maintain your current weight?….score 4

If your numbers add up to more than 44, you only eat the 44, and if the
number is lower than 18, you eat the 18. 

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