December 04, 2010

The Battle

The kids have been setting up this battle in the basement for a couple of days now.  Jacob built the city walls and they both keep adding reinforcements and changing the situation.

So today was the day the battle was to occur.  Notice the two babies providing security on the East wall!  Only Mattie kept putting him off and saying she wanted to add one more thing... then another...   Then I heard Jacob getting very frustrated at her procrastination.  (Understandably, as she was definitely dragging it out.)  I asked Jacob why he was so frustrated and with a straight face and an exasperated voice he said, "We're building an ice skating rink because she says she has to train her soldiers to ice skate before we do that battle so they'll fight better.  The horses too!  ICE SKATE!!" 

Oh, my imaginative girl!  I am still laughing.  We can't help but love her.

In case anyone cares, I did set the time to begin and Jacob's mutant Bionicles obliterated the city.  I guess the East wall babies needed a few more ice skating lessons.

1 comment:

Kjirstin C said...

Ahh, silly girl :) You make me laugh Mattie!! You do have quite the imagination...if only mine worked so well!