December 11, 2010

My boy is growing up.

Jacob does not have the "I can do it myself" gene. Not one ounce of it anywhere in his body.  I'm fairly certain he would be happy for me to do ev-er-y-thing for him forever.  

So following perfect Jacob form, he also had no interest in tying his shoes.  Combine this with the personality characteristic that does "not like to try if I can't do it perfectly the first time," and you don't have a very enthusiastic child about shoe tying!  But alas, he learned in just two days!

Jacob also loves colorful things.  His bedroom has colorful stripes and red walls.  He loves things that are primary colors and tie dye.  And has asked before why only girls get to wear colorful shoes and boys' have to be brown and gray and dull.

He's also been working hard at changing a lot of things lately, and I thought he could use some tangible encouragement.

So I decided it was high time the boy got some red shoes now that he can tie them himself.
And his mama is a sucker for Chuck Taylors and blue jeans on a little boy.

Love those big boy feet!


Kelly said...

Sounds like you and I have the same little boy!! When I read things you write about Jacob, I almost always think, 'that sounds JUST like my Jack!'

Kelly said...

I love his shoes by the way! :)

Kjirstin C said...

So cute!! Way to go Jacob! :)