December 08, 2010

Bible in 90 Days

Well, I'm in.  I've made the commitment and made it publicly!  I'm going to read the Bible through in its entirety in ninety days beginning January 3, 2011.  Here is an official website that shares all about the ministry's roots.

For a while now I've wanted to read all the way through the Bible again, but when I don't have a plan I seem to just wander aimlessly.  I've prayed about joining in on one of the Bible in 90 Days groups, but wanted to be ready for the commitment so I could fulfill it. 

I'm going to be reading through with other people, having a mentor/encourager and blogging to share what I'm learning.  If you go to Mom's Toolbox you can get connected in this way too.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Bible as a whole instead of just lots of little pieces.  I'm looking forward to this amount of time in His word.  And I'm looking forward to the change His word will have in my heart!  I can't possibly spend this much time in His word without some sort of change for the better, right?

I'd love to have you join me!  I think it's good for all of us to have encouragement when we take on a big task.  Let me know if you pray about it and want to join in! 


Kjirstin C said...

Wow, that's quite the commitment!! I would love to participate, but I don't see myself being successful during those particular months, and know that then I would just feel discouraged! I am committing to doing the Bible in a Year again though (tried this year and failed miserably).

Paula said...

I agree...I want to so badly...but these days I think I might feel like an utter failure....maybe the Bible in like....3 years????

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I am THRILLED that you will be reading along with us!

Reading in a group this way is perfect for staying on task, staying motivated and sharing all those super-cool ah-HA moments you will soon be having!

Thanks for joining in! You won't regret it!!