December 14, 2010

Katie's Obituary

Katie died this morning.  She was killed in her house by the Wild Beast.  Apparently the Wild Beast "eated her and never spit her out.  Her wand went out of batteries" leaving her defenseless.  When questioned, Katie's mother said she "was busy talking on the phone while all of this happened."  Katie is now in heaven and there is no hope of bringing her back to life.

Katie is survived by her loyal friend, Mattison, her 12 siblings and 40 other friends.  Katie is most well known for bringing 11 of her 12 siblings back to life after this same wild beast chopped them up into little pieces several months ago.  Katie has brought much joy to Mattison's life, and her family is quite interested to see how this will all pan out!  Mattie did say she was sure to send an e-mail apology to Katie's mother.

Mattie does have a new sister, Sarah, who may fill this void.  Sarah is known to "love everybody in the whole wide world except bad guys.  She didn't like [Mattie] at first, but now she does."

For more information on Katie, feel free to read past accounts here and here.  She has been a large part of our life for two years now!  Mattie was actually crying this morning upon hearing the news, leaving her mother a bit at a loss as to how to handle this new development.


Trish A said...

You will be missed, dear Katie. I'm certain your siblings will carry on your legacy of heroism against the wild beasts and be a source of comfort and companionship to Mattie.

Rest in peace dear one.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! What an imagination!

BTW what program did you use to make your header?

Catie said...

I really hope this is no reflection on my Catie...

giozi said...

I was reading (in my bad English) and I didn't understand very good. Well I understand tha is a story?