February 26, 2011

Before winter is gone

I know it's almost Spring, but I have snow pictures I haven't shared yet!  Because of where we live, there's always a chance it could be two years before we get snow again, so I try to help them get as much time in it as possible when it comes.  We had quite a few good snow days in January!  Snow is one of my favorite photo settings because it takes away so many visual distractions, plus the cold makes the kids coloring so great!
Mattie Enjoyed a bunch of good runs down the middle of the road. No worries, though.  People don't drive here when there's snow on the road!

She just looks so big to me!  Where did the time go?

 These four play together many hours each week.  The two boys you don't recognize are our neighbors.  There is one more boy too, so Mattie is quite outnumbered.  She's quite the trooper!  Thankfully, she and MacGregor (the happy guy in the red) get along beautifully when it's jsut the two of them, so sometimes we try and separate the bigs and littles to avoid all of the wrestling and lightsaber fighting.

Jacob goes out to sled for HOURS!!

I still love my birds.

Notice the one Robert caught with the flash?

This was taken with the flash at 5:30 one morning.  Some editing pulled out snow in more than several layers and the darkest trees are about 50 feet away.  I love how the snow is all in circles!

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Gail from FIAR said...

The one glittering snowflake is gorgeous -ah, Snowflake Bentley!

We live in western NY where there is plenty of snow, and I never tire of the beauty of it. ( i said the beauty of it. We do get tired of pushing it, piling it, shoveling it, choring in it, driving in it......)