February 03, 2011

Can one be "too" social for cooperative learning??

I think I've determined that when we are together with other children, Jacob just can't learn a blessed thing. He gets so focused on the playtime he can't focus AT. ALL. on the task at hand. He does this with a structured lesson (interesting or not) or a field trip... and a "museum" field trip is just sheer torture! 

This past week we went to the zoo and I thought for two weeks about who we should invite to go with us. We have a lot of families we could ask. But I decided to go just us so that the kids and I could make a memory (instead of my kids playing with friends and the other mom and I talking the whole time, thus making no memory at all with my children). We had a delightful time! Jacob was a big help with the almost 2 year old we babysit, he stayed much nearer to me and was not class clown-ish or disrespectful at all, and he and I got to experience the zoo together. It was so nice!

But I wonder, will he outgrow this or always struggle in these situations? Mattie is not this way at all... she can totally calm it down to focus and wait until playtime.  I'd like to think a coop may fit our family at some point in the future, but I just end up stressing about his behavior and lack of interest the entire time.  I guess we're just going to go solo for a while... I think it will be a relief to just let that be okay!


Kjirstin C said...

Well, I'm sorry that it means missing some more social outings, but glad that you've found out a little more about your boy and have figured out a way to have a more enjoyable time together! Those memories will last forever :)

Anonymous said...

Well my children did the same thing at Zoo classes. They wanted to play with their friends more than actually learn. So I stopped it. They can pay attention for a while, but mostly with other kids they just want to get done, make the adults hush so they can play!

Ginger said...

So glad you had that special time. I feel the same way about COOP with both of my kids. Playdates are in the near future though!

Brenna said...

We learn more every day about our kids, don't we? Glad you had a great time together, though!

Anonymous said...

that's exactly how my son is. When we go on field trips that I desire a specific educational tie-in, we cannot take friends!

I sure enjoy your sweet blog!