October 11, 2007

Need a minute to slow down

Well, I have had several things I've intended to write about over the last 12 days, I just haven't had the time!

I have been reclaiming my house to get it back on the market. This was good, as it required some much-needed de-cluttering and reorganization. Since then, I'm not quite sure what I've done, but I've done a lot of it!

I've committed to teach Algebra II to a local homeschool student. It has been fun and I've enjoyed the challenge, though I've had to go back 14 years in my brain!!! We're trading for service hours, so I've gotten some babysitting and house help lately too!

Robert and I have begun weight watchers...and before anyone heckles me, I just want to fit into my jeans from the Spring. It has been good for both of us, and given me a previously lacking awareness of how bad for me pizza really is...especially my beloved pepperoni! I had no idea how many things I could have that are equivalent to one slice of pepperoni pizza (and I usually eat three slices)... 2 1/2c of Breyer's Chocolate ice cream... 15 delicious pumpkin muffins... three 20 oz Pepsis... 1/3c of my wonderful organic chocolate chips... 4 Tall Mochas from Starbucks (latte or frappuccino)... you get the idea. So, it has been very good for me! And no, I'm not saying I'll never have pepperoni pizza again, but I'll never enjoy it as much!

We took the kids bowling last weekend. That was a very fun family outing! I have some pics I've been meaning to upload, but I don't know where the camera is at the moment... somewhere in the luggage I need to unpack!

We went to Clarksville, TN to see Robert this week. That's where the work is for now, so he's there for 4 days each week. Jacob's really having a hard time with him being gone, so we went over to see him for two days.

We've had a couple of fun schooling weeks. We've done a week of fall leaves, which did not get completed. I just could not bring myself to do fall activities while it was still 94 degrees one day! Leaf hunting is not supposed to be done while sweating in shorts and a short sleeved shirt! But alas, it was only 62 today...perfect for leaf hunting! So we'll finish that "week" soon now that it really feels like fall!

And this week we've read Katy No-Pocket and learned about marsupials. I say "we've" learned, and I certainly have as well! I knew that marsupials had a pouch and that was the extent of it. We're finishing up with a fun day with the cousins tomorrow.

I have had a wonderful time with my Beth Moore Bible Study lately. I always feel compelled to share the kernels of truth I carry away from the Tuesday morning videos, but know that it's hard to communicate with value the impact on my heart, so I just don't share... maybe I should try and trust the Lord do the encouraging! This study (A Woman's Heart) has been fantastic, and the Lord has brought it to me at a perfect time in my life. Of course, He knew that all along!

So, I'll try to get the bowling pictures up tomorrow. And I'm sure I have some others of my cute kids I could find to share. :)

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Anonymous said...

OK so where is the weight watchers meeting anyway? I have really been slacking.