October 29, 2007

We are so spoiled!

I was cleaning my bathrooms the other day and realized I was out of my Scrubbing Bubbles disposable toilet cleaning thingies. Grrrr... Here's my next 30 seconds of thought: So, think, how did I clean my toilets before this?? Oh yeah! A toilet brush and Lysol...um, no toilet brushes in this house! So, going back to 1930 or something like that (no exaggeration there at all), how did they clean toilets??? (Um, did they have toilets in 1930??) Oh no! I have to use a rag?? And my bare hands? (I have no rubber gloves!) No way!
It's been five days now (and one house showing) and I'm cleaning toilets today, because Robert went to WalMart and re-stocked my supply! I actually left the bowls of them dirty rather than clean them with my hands. I know, I'm a total weenie! I am so spoiled!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm spoiled too! I have a huge stock of the clorox toilet cleaner thingies, heaven forbid I run out. :) I'm with you...how DID they clean toilets back then? LOL!


Nana said...

You are both such a hoot! I can tell that neither of you ever cleaned a poopy cloth diaper in the toilet and then soaked then and washed them in the washing machine. But times have changed so much in just one generation it is amazing. So compared to cleaning a poopy cloth diaper, there is not much difference in cleaning the toilet. I can't bring myself to spend the money on the clorox toilet cleaner thingies! How did I ever exist without reading your blogs!! That is my excitement for the day and i am so disappointed when you girls don't blog! Thanks Melissa for making my day!!! Love you! Linda

Kjirstin C said...

So funny! I still use the brush and cleaner, but definitely wouldn't do it with bare hands!