October 19, 2007

Then we went bowling...

We have been wanting to take the kids (well, Jacob) bowling for awhile now, so we bit the bullet last weekend. Pigeon Forge has a bowling alley in the community center which is incredibly clean and delightfully family friendly (read: they don't cringe when your 5 year old launches the bowling ball 4 or 5 feet down the lane...)! It wasn't the cheapest of our family outings (2 and under was not free), but we did have a good time.

Here's Robert getting the boys (Jacob and Micah, our nephew) started. Though neither of them have ever bowled, they both said, "I know how to do it."

Jacob in action!

Mattie watching expectantly...

and applauding herself immediately after!

(And she even looks cute in those shoes!)

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