June 13, 2008

Jacob's Soccer Season

Traveling with the pack

Jacob just finished his first soccer season! Overall, I'd say it was a success, though we weren't so sure the first two weeks that it was going to be.

Kicking a goal kick

The first three or four weeks he's hope for rain on Saturdays so he wouldn't have to play in his game, but he begged to go to soccer practice with Coach Ralph on Tuesdays. (He didn't have to run as much!) His coach was excellent, and was perfect for Jacob's personality too. He was upbeat, supportive, loud, and totally called Jacob on his negativity! Once Jacob said, "We're never gonna score!" Coach Ralph quickly retorted, "Play better and maybe we will!" No coddling there...

His biggest fan! (She loved to go "watch Jacob sock-her!")

He did Upward Soccer. It is a program that focuses on Christ, sportsmanship, fairness, and fun! They have a devotional during each practice. And then after each game they roundup and each player is awarded a sticker for some character quality they exhibited during the game. And in kindergarten, they don't even keep score! It really is all about having a great sports experience to begin. I was very pleased with it.

Round Up at the end of the game

A few weeks later I asked if he was interested in soccer camp at church, and to my surprise, he said yes! He seemed to have a great time and definitely made improvement on his skills. On the way home the third day he was crying that soccer was never going to come around again!

Great job, Jacob!


Linda said...

Great job, Jacob! And Liss, the pics are great as usual. I love the one of Mattie at the field and Jacob with his kick - He looks like a REAL soccer player!

Matt said...

I love you soccer pictures Jacob! And Liss, I always love reading the way you write!! And your new (don't know when you posted it) header image of Robert fishing is a great shot. We miss you guys.