June 13, 2008

An update

Just in case anyone wonders why I'm hardly blogging lately (or if I owe you an e-mail), I have tendinitis in my right arm. Computer time aggravates it the most, so I'm limited in how much time I can spend on it. Typing just makes it hurt!

Anyway, we're surviving the paci withdrawals. I am quite sad for her, and I don't think we've rounded the corner where she's happier without it yet, but I sure hope it's coming! We have not gone backward and given her one (I did keep her favorite "pink paci" for her memories box), though at 1 AM Wednesday, I was sure tempted. The first night she was exhausted, so she went right to sleep and slept through the night great! Then a couple of times she screamed for quite awhile going to sleep. Her crying has a lot less energy now and is much shorter... 5 minutes or less now. And now we have 10 less arguments each day b/c there's no paci to ask for (and then get mad about when I tell her "it's only for in your bed"). So, I think we made it!

(The jury's still on out whether I'd choose a paci baby or thumb baby. I have one of each, and both have their perks and pitfalls.)

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Linda said...

I was wondering why you had been so silent...I'm sad about your arm. I know that's tough.

And I'm glad she's made progress with the lack of a paci...but she's growing up too fast!

Any more thoughts about FL and Rachel? I hope it works out!