June 26, 2008

VBS Day #4 and Heading Out

It's hard to believe we're winding down! Tomorrow is our last day and I will miss the kids. I have enjoyed getting back some time with those my heart is especially tender towards.

We didn't have anything remarkable today, really. One little guy was at therapy, and I missed him quite a bit. He and his family are unchurched, so I'm praying that our Special Needs SS class will draw them to join us.

I'm also heading out tomorrow with 10 other women from church for the Deeper Still event! I'm looking forward to some sweet fellowship with great women, only one of whom is my age. (I love that!) Of course I'll be hearing some great spiritual challenges from the speakers, some great music by Travis Cottrell, and then spending Sunday morning at Charles Stanley's church! They are having a special patriotic service that sounds fantastic! I really enjoy services that celebrate our country. Maybe it's the military kids in me, maybe not. Either way, I think it'll be a great service to end a great weekend!

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