March 24, 2011

Bible in 90 ~ Week 11 ~ Do I ask Him to leave?

Week 11!  I can't believe it!  The time has gone so quickly and I'm almost done.

This week I've read all four of the gospels and started Acts.  It was refreshing to read the fulfillment of the prophecies so quickly after reading the prophecies... I actually remembered what I had read so I caught on instead of having to see it in my Bible notes somewhere.  :)

The gospels are full of the stories we were taught in Sunday School, so I think they're really easy to skim over (in a bad way).  I struggle to go deep in them because they're old hat, in a way.  But one verse caught my attention when I read it.

Those who had seen it told the people how the demon-possessed man had been cured. Then all the people of the region of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave them, because they were overcome with fear. So he got into the boat and left.  Luke 8:36-37

God was performing miracles, fixing a nuisance (surely a demon possessed man would be a nuisance, right?) and  they asked Him to leave because they were afraid!  I think we metaphorically "ask Him to leave" by ignoring His Spirit's leading, seeking elsewhere for advice more suited to our liking, making our own plan and backing it up with scripture to justify it, and a whole host of other actions. I wonder how often God is right in the midst of doing work for my good and I ask Him to leave in fear of what else He might do?

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roots youth said...

Very thought-provoking, Lissa. I appreciate your perspective on metaphorically "asking Him to leave", although it may be less of a metaphor than we think.

Thanks for sharing through your reading journey.

Love ya',