March 18, 2011

Meet Pepper!

Pepper is an eight year old lhasa-poo who just moved in today! 
The kids have asked for over a year to get another dog after we had to move our other one to a new home where he had room to run.  I kept saying any dog we got had to be small, hypoallergenic, suited for the indoors and housebroken.  So when I noticed a friend from church posted that they needed a new home for their dog it seemed perfect!  Her previous owners were so generous too, and gave us everything we need for her and more!

 Jacob said, "It's just so nice to have a dog in the house again, isn't it, Mom?"

 Mattie had a deeper perspective... She said, "Just like when my other family couldn't care for me they found me a home that would be better for me!" (I am so thankful we've been so matter of fact and open about her adoption.  Not that Mattie is a pet, but I hope she processes that we wanted Pepper and chose for her to come here just like we chose Mattie and wanted her.  I hope this helps her have something to relate to later.)

  Taking a break in the sunshine after trying really hard to get to the neighbors' dog!

I guess everyone wants to get used to the other's things. I did not make them pose for this, and I don't quite see the appeal here...

I love her shade of charcoal gray!
She's still pretty overwhelmed, I think, I know it's hard for her previous owners to let her go, but hopefully she'll get settled right in and feel at home.  The kids are already trying to claim her for the overnight hours, but thus far, unless we've gone outside, she's stayed right by my side.  We'll see what happens as she gets more comfortable...

10:00 PM
Pepper's doing great!  She's whining when she wants to go out, going potty when we get there, sticking right by my side whenever I sit down, turning her little head 45 degrees when I don't get her request right away (and more when I laugh at her for it), eating and trying to figure out where I'm going to plant myself for the night, I think.  I think she'll do just fine.  The kids are really hoping she'll land in one of their beds tonight, but I'm not betting on it.


patty said...

so sweet of you to adopt their puppy.... i'm a local friend, too, and think the world of them. pepper's very lucky. just like mattie. :)

Anonymous said...

Pepper is SO cute and I know your kids are just going to LOVE her!! And your spring blog header is beautiful!! I love it!!

Kjirstin C said...

So sweet!! She's adorable, and I love those happy pictures of your kiddos. I have to say, reading Mattie's thoughts on your adopting Pepper made me tear up! Sweet sweet girl :)

mom said...

So cute! And I love the pics of the kids in the kennel!..Logan did that with Peekaboo's kennel when last we visited. and to get one so well trained! Amazing!

I pray that God will embed those thoughts Mattie expressed deep into her heart for times later on when she may need them to fall back on.


RosserFamily said...

Cute dog! and love your new blog heading. SO cute!!!!