June 06, 2007

Commissioning from Beth Moore

Dearly loved one
You’ve been called by God
To shine like a star
In a dark, depraved world
Don’t blend in
Refuse the daily temptation
To be absorbed in yourself
Take interest in others
Deliberately humble yourself
And live the life of a servant
As you live in the crisis
Of “continue to”
Keep working out
What God is working in
Watch your mouth
Choose words of life
And one glorious day
You will see the face of Christ
And He will show you
Every good purpose
He fulfilled through you
And there will be delight
Even if you are despised or ignored
You are Christ’s star
Go forth and shine

Hmmmmmm...I could just sit on the couch and snuggle up in that! And boy, did I need this today! (Especially the part about not being absorbed in myself.) What a beautiful challenge.

This is a commissioning Beth Moore wrote for a group in Albuquerque.

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