June 15, 2007

Land, plants and trees (Creation Day 3)

Well, on day 3 God created land, plants and trees. This Spring we did a month long study on plants, so we just reviewed that quickly the week we studied it in June. We studied kinds of plants, what plants need to grow, and the major parts. Here are pictures of what we did this spring that would fit in well with Day 3 of Creation. Most of these ideas came out of a little free book that my mom got in a ChickFilA kids meal!

We wet a paper towel, rolled it up and put it in a jar. Then we slid beans down between the paper towel and the jar. We kept the paper towel wet and in a warm/sunny place. Within a couple of days, our beans had sprouted!

After about a week in the jar, we planted the beans in soil. From here we measured the 3 plants and charted their growth. Jacob loved seeing how much they had grown since the last time we measured! Anyway, these plants actually grew us some beans! Jacob enjoyed seeing the "fruit" of his labor and that it really worked!

These little grass men were very fun and sprouted grass within days! After the grass got really long, I let Jacob cut their "hair." Well, let's just say he's not touching my hair anytime soon!

This activity was pretty fun. We cut off the tops of these veggies (with no green stuff growing) and surrounded them with water. And within a couple of days we had sprouts on top of them all! We did turnips, radishes, carrots and beets.

So during this week of study officially we did some studies on mountains and rocks and other components of the land that God created. We also took a family hike into the Smokies to enjoy the land God created! I must say, Jacob was not impressed with rocks.

Our rock math - This was a challenge for Jacob because it required attention to detail. Many of these rocks were very close to the same size and he was not the least bit interested in telling the difference!

This is Jacob's kind of rock fun!

Laurel Falls in the Smokies

Some rocks at a mine/gem shop on the road side on the way home. And Jacob was again, very unimpressed.

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