June 23, 2007

VBS this week

Well, we have VBS this week at our church. We're doing Game Day Central, Lifeway's curriculum of the year. I'm teaching the younger 4s class, which I'm a bit nervous about. I've never taught a VBS class, and not been involved in much at all at our new church, so that's always intimidating, I think. (It's not the responsibility I'm nervous about, it's the adults who will be helping me. Give me twenty 4 year olds all by myself and I'd be fine. Throw in adult helpers and I get all nervous!!) In spite of that, I am looking forward to it, and it has already been a good way to get to know quite a few people at church.

VBS is every morning from 9-12, though teachers have to be there by 8:30...quite a feat for our crowd of late (and one very slow) breakfast eaters! Then Thursday afternoon there is a "surprise" for workers after 12, and Friday afternoon is our closing celebration. So, we have quite a long week ahead of us!

If you want to pray for us, you can pray:
~that the children's hearts will be open to what the Lord has for them to Learn.
~that I will teach clearly and on their level and only worry about pleasing the LORD!
~that Mattie's ear will clear up and not go into an infection which would cause me to miss (I'm the lead teacher in our class).
~that Jacob will not be too rowdy in a very excitable situation. And that he'll tolerate without reactions all the "treat-y" and sugary foods he'll be having this week, 5 days in a row, way out of his typical diet. (Aunt Candace will be thankful for these prayers later...he's in her class!)
~most importantly, that God will be glorified, and that the kids would see that we want to point them to HIM most of all!


MOM said...

Way to jump in with both feet - teaching your first time for being involved. You'll do great! And I will pray for those things - Have a great week!

Don't worry about the other teachers...besides the fact that you're a great teacher, they'll be really thankful that they are not having to do it!!


Christine said...

Thanks for joining the hubby challenge! I hope you're blessed this coming month and are able to focus more fully on your marriage.