June 09, 2007

Our fun schooling weeks (Creation Days 1, 2)

We have had a fun couple of weeks with school. We've taken a break from Five in a Row and have been doing a creation study. Basically, we're doing one week of school per day that God spent on Creation. A couple of those we'll stretch out a little bit, but that's the general plan.

Last week we studied the whole creation overview and how many people don't believe what the Bible says about creation. We read several versions of the world's beginning in Children's encyclopedias, all of which were from a Big Bang/evolutionary perspective. We talked about the fact that many books have wrong information and the Bible is the only book that is always true and has no mistakes. So we choose to believe what the Bible says about Creation because the Bible is always true!

After the overview we studied light. We learned about light containing all seven colors of the rainbow, that a rainbow is light separated in to the seven colors and that the colors are always in the same order. Here is Jacob's rainbow. We also created rainbows with my engagement ring, a prism and CDs.

We also learned that light always travels in straight lines, called light rays, and that when those light rays are interrupted, we get a shadow. Here's Jacob's shadow at different times of the day.

And of course we learned about the various forms of light we have available to us.
Then this week we have learned about the water that God made. We focused on weather, clouds and the water cycle. Here we are creating our own water cycle in a pot.

Here is Jacob's picture of the water cycle. (I drew the arrows, and we talked through this one as he drew it.) It amazes me how much of this he can understand. It's been fun to see him soak it up!

Here is Jacob's picture from the day we studied clouds. Thankfully this day God gave us all four kinds of clouds in the same day!! What a treat!

And to finish out our week, God gave a humdinger of a thunderstorm yesterday and a rainbow afterwards! What a way to finish up a week!

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Valerie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love his rainbow picture. That is frameable material!