June 01, 2007

My joy today

Today the kids were playing outside. For a while they were in the pool and Mattie was sliding down the slide. Jacob was always quick to be there at the bottom and catch her so she wouldn't go under. She'd get so excited seeing him at the bottom waiting for her!

And then later Jacob was riding the John Deere tractor that Michelle and John David passed on to us awhile back. (It is very well loved around here!!) Mattie was running behind him screaming in excitement because she wanted to get on with him. So he rode her around for a while. Then he wanted her to get off so she pushed him from behind. The instant he'd stop for something, she'd climb right back on and sit behind him for another ride!

What a joy it is to see them loving each other so much. Jacob watches out for her diligently (and hurts her every now and then too by just being a 5 year old boy) and encourages her to do the right thing. Mattie squeals in delight almost every time he enters the room! They love to chase each other, play in the sandbox together, read books together, play in the bath together, and giggle in the mornings when they wake up in their shared bedroom. These are the reasons we didn't want Jacob to be an only child, and God has been so good to us in giving us Mattie to be a companion for him!

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Nana said...

How sweet is that! Jacob is such a good "big brother". God is so good to bring Mattie and the Crabtrees together. Those 2 could not be any sweeter together. They are both precious.