September 02, 2007

Children's Museum of Oak Ridge

On Thursday we were on our way to a state park in Kentucky when our plans were foiled. We had two carloads of kids, so we went on to a museum we've been wanting to see for awhile. It's the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge, and it was great! It is a 5400 sq foot elementary school they converted into a large museum. It was incredibly hands on and preschooler friendly, which is always a plus! (Not many people encourage us to have fun and make noise!)

(I've started watching my 3 1/2 year old niece, Kaitlyn, now, so you'll see her in lots of the pictures.)

The life-sized dollhouse built like a Williamsburg Colonial. It was very cool!

Mattie thought she found her jammies in the toddler bed!

Jacob and Kaitlyn about to blast off!

Sliding down the castle slide

Mattie enjoying the waterworks. She proceeded to dump the boat-fulls of water on her head and ended up quite wet! No surprise there...

We were walking down the hall and Mattie noticed all the dollies in the display case. It's so fun to watch her have preferences and interests!

And whaddya know, a Thomas table!

And a big, gorgeous model train display! Mattie loved this as much as Jacob!

Our crowd in the castle.

And this week we read The Bee Tree for our Five in a Row book. We did a hunt (excellently written by Valerie) with clues to go along with it and the kids had a great time reading clues and finding their treasures!

Reading the clue to the the location of where to find the next clue.

The kids and their treasures

One other neat thing we did this week was make beeswax candles. I forgot to take a picture of those, but I'm tired of the computer for now, so you're out of luck! We also ate lots of honey and learned all about bees and beekeepers!

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Anonymous said...

What fun! We are going to row this book in few weeks, and I better get right on the treasure hunt clue writing!

:) ami*