September 07, 2007

God created man & animals (Creation Day 6)

We are finally finishing our Creation unit! We got sidetracked for a couple of weeks and I just couldn't let it go without an official "man" week. So this week as we rowed Madeline, we began a study on the Human Body. We're using a book called My Body. We drew an outline of Jacob & Kaitlyn's (my niece) bodies on a roll of paper and hung them on the wall. Each day we're learning about one body part. We color a picture, cut it out and paste in on the wall. The kids seem to be enjoying it and learning about how God made us for all of our parts to do certain things and work together. Net week we're going to talk about the body of Christ and the strengths and weaknesses each of us has.

Here are their body outlines and what we've completed so far.

For our study on the animals God made, we just did a general review of the animals we've learned so far because we've done quite a bit of in depth animals stuff. We sorted lots of animals with the classification board and read some books on unique and rare animals. One thing we really focused on is the individual characteristics God gave each animal for survival and how He knew exactly what He was doing when He did it all!

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