September 12, 2007

The Jesus Storybook Bible

I have been wanting a new storybook Bible for the kids for a couple of weeks now. We've read through our other story Bible four or five times now and I'm getting tired of the same one. Anyway, I found this one at the Christian bookstore and I LOVE it! It phrases things in wonderful ways and explains little things like I've never seen in another story Bible. If you click on the picture, you can go to the CBD site and read the Creation story. There is also an entry at the beginning explaining what the Bible is... "But the Bible isn't mainly about you and what you should be doing. It is about God and what He has done."..."There are lots of stories in the Bible, but all the stories are telling one Big Story. The story of how God loves His children and comes to rescue them."

There are just little things it explains that are left out of our other that Satan was God's terrible enemy and where he came from. (Instead of just telling us a serpent appeared.) And each story makes a connection to the grand scheme of things and draws a connection to Christ and His ultimate rescue. It's just an excellent story Bible. Anyway, I am so excited about reading through this with the kids and wanted to share it with you!


Valerie said...

Shannon showed me this one while I was visiting her. She loves it too! I'll have to look into getting it when we finish the one we have.

Anonymous said...

This is the one I saw at walmart that I saw mentioned on the girltalk blog! It does look good! I'm glad you finally found one you like!

See you in a few days!