September 02, 2007

Some random pictures

We were sitting outside last Sunday night visiting with Robert's parents when it started to rain. The kids were having so much fun I decided to let them stay out and they ended up having a blast! (Yes, they're still in their church clothes!)

Happy kiddos!


And Jacob has outgrown his first bike. We had hoped to wait until Christmas, but his back wheel wobbles pretty good when he rides it and we've already replaced it once. So here he is on his new bike! The seat needs to go up, but we want him to get used to the taller bike first.


And remember when we were praying for birds?? Well, the Lord has brought birds! Some mornings it's almost freaky there are so many. Lately we have had ruby-throated hummingbirds that fight over the feeder. One female usually sits on top and flies at any others who try to come eat. Apparently they've reached a truce, because yesterday there were actually 5 hummingbirds on the feeder at one time!

Four hummingbirds hovering

This looks like Chicago O'Hare! (Notice the two on the feeder next to each other, so we have 5 in all!)

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Michele said...

What fun adventures you have been having! I love all the pictures. The museum looks so neat!

I have awarded you with the Nice Matters Award. Stop by my blog when you get a chance for details!