September 07, 2007

Jacob and reproductive organs

I made the mistake of telling Jacob the real word for his well, you know, two years ago. It is still haunting me! Now I know better...

Today we learned about our bladder and kidneys in our My Body study. A couple of hours after our bladder conversation here's how another conversation went...

Hey Mom! My bladder is right here and I can make it stop when I'm going to the bathroom. But how does the tinkle get from my bladder to go out my p****?
Well, there is a tube that connects your bladder to your p**** and the tinkle goes through that tube.
How does it work for girls? They don't have a p****.
Well, they have a tube from their bladder that goes out their privates too.
What are girls' privates called?
I'm not going to tell you!!
Oh, Mo-om. I can't wait until we get to learn about our privates! (As if I'm going to tell him then! Fat chance!) this is when it's bad that he can read! I'll be hiding the book from him on that day because it clearly labels the "t" word for boys! (Why is the word "ovary" so much less weird to say? and why don't I get to teach that one instead??) Thankfully it does not broach the subject of any external organs.

He obviously has no qualms regarding conversation of private matter how many times we talk about it! So, we won't be having the s*x talk anytime soon or he'll be sharing it with every one of his 5 (and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9...) year old cousins!


Mom said...

That is hysterical!!! I can't wait to read more similar stories, as I'm certain there will be more to follow!
Some day he'll be horrified that we've all read these! Oh, well....

Matt said...

So let me just tell you that I came home late and tired from a long, good...but long day at the office and I was catching up on your blog while trying to be quiet b/c Cherilyn is asleep and I laughed so hard at this post!!! Thank you, Jacob, for just being you!!