September 10, 2007

Our week with Madeline

This was a very fun week for us! Madeline is such a cute story! Jacob and I both love any story that has a good rhythm and rhymes. He has picked up on this and is saying many things in rhyme since last week.

We used Madeline's appendix issue to kick off our My Body/All About Me study. Jacob and Kaitlyn both seem to be enjoying this so far!

Then we spent some time leaning about Paris, France. Jacob has enjoyed coloring pictures with and spotting the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in cartoons and other books we've looked at. And it was fun to look back at our photo album with pictures of the day Robert and I were in Paris 7 years ago. Major blast from the past at our life before children!

And for art this week we finished up our scant Monet study. We've been looking at Water Lilies lately and decided we should finish up and make our own water lilies craft this week while we were talking about Paris. Jacob is a bit confused, though. This summer we saw a baby alligator among the lily pads in my Aunt & Uncle's backyard drainage swamp area. So, Jacob says Monet should have included the alligator in his paintings! Oh well, we're just going for exposure.

Jacob's tissue paper "water lilies"

And tonight we're going to finish up by watching the movie, Madeline. I found it at a discount store in Florida a few weeks ago, so we're going to have a family movie night! (We were going to do this last night, but Jacob spent more time complaining about his dinner than eating it, so he lost that chance.


Anonymous said...

I love it! It looks great! BTW I awarded you with the Nice Matters award I am supposed to pass on!

You can read about it on my blog.

Valerie said...

I love the Monet picture! I'm going to have to start doing that one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :) I love it...and yes, it's all about exposure. ;)