February 23, 2007

A few school things...

Jacob and I talked about moon phases this week with our book, Owl Moon. We talked about why the moon changes shape and what each shape is called. He was just eating a round cookie, took a bite out of it, and then it was crescent shaped. He said, "What kind of moon is this now? I think it's the wassing wibbous (really waxing gibbous) one!" He chose the wrong kind of moon, but I was impressed that he even remembered the word!

Then yesterday I told him it was time to do some school stuff...he said, "Let's just do my owl stuff instead!" That's fun because it lets me know he loves what we're doing enough that he doesn't even think it's school! I have really enjoyed doing school the way we're doing it now. I loved all the things we learned about owls this week...like an owl family is called a parliament. And that there are two kinds of owls...ones with heart shaped facial disks and round facial disks. Never noticed that before!! And that those things sticking up aren't really ears...their ears are located next to their eyes, and are not symmetrical in their placement! Very interesting...

And then here's our animal classification chart we did. Jacob has loved sorting all the animals, but was frustrated that most of the ones we did at first were mammals. He wants to see some arachnids (spiders), he says.

That's about it for now!

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