February 22, 2007

QotD: What are 5 things you're good at?

At Val's encouragement, here goes...

List 5 things I'm good at:

1) Being consistent with my children
2) Keeping a cool head
3) Communicating and encouraging others to communicate
4) Remembering information I've happened upon
5) Cutting hair


Matt said...

You should have no shame in finding things that you're good at! Those are just the beginning, but I heartily agree with each one...and those are most likely the ones I would have chosen too! ILY-Matt

Valerie said...

Thanks for being a sport! I would have thought of those things about you too!

Mom said...

I think those are all true, but could add more....like:

Choosing to do things that are good for you, even though you might not want to.

Choosing NOT to do the things that aren't wise or good for you, even though you WANT to. (unless jelly beans are around!)

Working hard at loving Robert and being a good wife - not that it's hard work, but you know what I mean. :^)

Loving your children.

Sticking to a budget, when shopping would be so much more fun!

Helping me, in a loving way, with issues I don't always see.