February 22, 2007

Woohoo for Jacob!!!

Look, Mom! No training wheels!!!

Yesterday Jacob told us he was going to ride today with no training wheels. Today he went outside to play and reminded me he was supposed to ride without them. So I took them off, pushed him once and off he went! He still has a little bit of a tough time getting started, but he's doing great otherwise!

Reading, riding a bike, next thing I know he'll be graduating from college!


Candace said...

Yeah for Jacob! :)

Valerie said...

Look out! There's a wild man on the road!

Linda said...

Wow - he is doing great!!! I think that he is going to be an athlete if it was that easy for him and that young. :) Yes - he will be driving, dating, and GETTING MARRIED before you know it. Watch out - and enjoy him while he is young! My "baby" is fixing to have his own "baby"!! How can that be?? He is surely not old enough!

Mom said...

WOW!! Tell him we're really proud of him! I just wish he'd done it about a week earlier! LY