February 15, 2007

What we love about our kids...

Well, after Robert's card, Robert and I decided to do the things we loved about our kids. Here are the lists we wrote and want to put where they can see them. Jacob loved reading his list and knowing we made it for him together.

Things Mommy and Daddy Love about Jacob


You have a sweet spirit.

You are such a great big brother!

You love to share your lollipops and candy.

You are a good track-hoe driver.

You are so smart!

You are a great helper.

You love to snuggle with Mommy & Daddy.

You like to have fun.

You are a good sport about your enzymes.

You are a good friend and want good things for other people.

You love Mattie so much!

You are a great reader!

You love your daddy and mommy.

You are quick to apologize and ask forgiveness.

You are compassionate.

We love you just the way God made you!!

Things Mommy and Daddy Love about Mattie


You are so spunky!

You love to smile!

You love to laugh!

You love your mommy and daddy.

You love your big brother.

You are quick to learn new things.

You are very curious!

You love to be around people.

We love you just the way God made you!

We are so thankful for our kids and the individuals God has made them to be!

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Matt and Cherilyn Magee said...

What great kids! Uncle Matt and Aunt Cherilyn love you both too! We wish we were able to be there to see you (and all of these great things about you) much more often.
We Love You Both!