February 27, 2007

Cleaning out!

Well, not much to report here! I've spent about ten hours over the past couple of days going through all of our children's clothes...newborn through size 6 boys and girls!!! Ugh. There's just sooooo much! The storage room has been a disaster and my clothes have not been organized since we all moved around, so I finally tackled it. I bought enough containers for everything-no more white bags with holes in them! And I went through and tried to keep only the things I LOVE and will pass the rest on to someone else. (If I don't love it, it will never be on their body anyway.) My newborn boxes are still a bit big, but those things are all so cute it's hard to get rid of them!! I must say, it's so hard to believe my kids were ever that small!!! Those clothes are so teeny, and they were too big at first! It goes by so fast...

Anyway, I have two black bags and two white bags of stuff to pass on...that feels good! I've tried to limit to one container for each size, but that gets hard with winter stuff as they get bigger. Those sweatshirts and fleeces take up so much room. Anyway, I tried. And my storage room will be much emptier for it!

Now I'm ready for spring! Seeing all those cute little girls cotton dresses has me ready for spring so Mattie can wear them all! And I love seeing her little chubby legs in action too, something I miss during winter. Another of my favorite things in spring and summer is seeing little boys getting dirty. I think it is so cute to see them with dirt all over from just being boys!!! (I'm all about girls getting dirty too...I think one friend used to comment that her kids always came home from my house all dirty.) Anyway, thankfully, we have a little bit of spring weather this week...enough for Jacob to burn off energy riding up and down the driveway at least.

I'm off to do my Bible Study for tonight so I can take Mattie out to enjoy the warm weather when she wakes up.


Kjirstin said...

Sounds like fun! :) Kinda doing the same thing here - trying to clean out while we pack. I can't wait to see those chubby little legs in a few weeks, and a dirt-covered little Jacob :) Love you

Mom said...

See? You really CAN do it without me! Not that I ever doubted it....and I won't stop coming just because you got that room done!