February 19, 2007

We had an exciting night!

So we were all winding down for the night around here. Robert was getting Mattie in bed, I was reading to Jacob. As Jacob and I are talking about primitive life (we're reading Little House in the Big Woods), I see a blur in the living room. So, I do a double take and say, "I think there's something in here." Okay, so I see it again...there's definitely something flying through my living room!! And it's a bat!!! So, we're a little more primitive around here than I realized!!

As we quickly get the kids downstairs (a benefit of downstairs in-laws ), Robert comes back up to do some bat chasing. I settle down on the downstairs couch to finish our chapter. We can't stop right in the middle!

Well, I eventually head back upstairs to help. We put Mattie in bed once we realize our visitor is not in her room. Then we find the bat upstairs, just hanging on our wall.

Well, after thirty minutes or so of watching it fly around, hoping it doesn't get mad and fly at Robert, and searching under stuff in our storage room (if only I had actually cleaned that room last week like I planned!!), he finally traps it in a jar. My knight in shining armor!! And now I have a whole new perspective on his working out of town...

Check out those teeth!!! (He was safely in the jar, by the way!)

And all this just in time for our animal classification chart which we're doing tomorrow! The funny thing was, as soon as I saw him on the wall upstairs, I said to Robert, "I wish I had Stellaluna to read to Jacob tonight!!!" (A story about a bat, for those of who who are not in my 4-8 year old literature world.)

Oh yeah, and when we showed Jacob the bat in the jar, he said, "Ohhh. It's so cute."


Valerie said...

Oh my gosh!!! I would have died! That is definitely worse than a bird flying around the house in my book!

Heather said...

Crazy! I love bats, but not inside my house!



Michelle said...

Glad Robert was home!
I loved Jacob's perspective, but cute is not the word I would have chosen. But I'm not a boy. I showed John David and his response was, "Cool! Did He Keep it?" He can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! I'd say that's pretty exciting! :) I have Stellaluna pulled for this week anyway (seems like there might have been an owl in there somewhere, might be wrong.) I'll bring it with the other books I was going to bring tonight.

YIKES! That picture is crazy!

Sheri said...

Oh my goodness!! Those teeth are crazy!

Mom said...

...and I just finished sleeping in that house for 10 days?! I'm sooo glad Robert was home this week for you! Can't imagine what a bat would do to your psyche, given your response to silverfish!