February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mattie!!

One day old...the first day we met her. We thought she was beautiful! She was so content, a great nurser, and very strong.

One month old. She was a very happy baby!

Two months...her first Easter. I bought this dress almost as soon as we knew Mattie was going to be ours, trusting that all would go as we hoped.

Three months old. Love those chubby cheeks and big blue eyes!

Four months old...learning to survive in the bathtub with Jacob!!

Five months now...sitting up and beginning to crawl. She definitely figured out there's a world around her and she wanted to get around!!

Six months...this is one of my all-time favorites. Mmmmmm, I could eat her up! This is the week she learned to pull up and open drawers to find things. My life has never been the same!

Seven months and still happy as ever...as long as she gets her morning nap.

Eight months...she loved going outside to play in the swing. She loved crawling around too, but she ate too many rocks!

Nine months...I can hardly believe it! She began to stand on her own, but knew crawling was a much faster way of getting around.

Ten months...her first Christmas. We got the best gift of all this year...her!

Eleven months...her first day in control of the spoon and the applesauce. She had a blast!!

And one year! That's today. I can hardly believe it. It has gone so fast!!! And she has been a tremendous blessing, more than we could have ever imagined. God has been so faithful in building a love between all of us. You would never know she's adopted.

Happy Birthday, Mattie!!!


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Mattie! You are a precious addition to this family!

Heather said...

What a cutie pie!!!!! The bathtub pic is hilarious!!

Thanks for sharing ... blessings!


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Mattie-girl! I love seeing those pictures! What a blessing to be a part of this family together! :)

Jeni said...

Happy Birthday Mattie Joy! We love you! Tante Jeni

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Happy Birthday Mattie! You are a tremendous blessing to all of us...especially your mom, dad and brother. We love you so much! We hope your first birthday was everything you hoped it would be...whatever that is for a one year-old.
Uncle Matt and Aunt Cherilyn

Nana said...

What a doll, and what a blessing she has been to everyone. I can't believe that a year has already passed since you brought her home, and what a blessing to have so many aunts and uncles and cousins and friends!!

Happy Birthday Mattie!!