February 01, 2007

Guess where I found her today?

I'm going to have a weekly thread called Where's Mattie??

Today I went in the kitchen and found her in the second drawer. I got her down and distracted her, though not for long.

This was what I found next!! And look at that sheer joy on her face as she throws a handful of sugar into the open drawers below!!

How she did this all silently, I don't know. And I thought I could get away without installing cabinet locks!

I know I seem completely surprised every day. You'd think I'd expect this by now! I guess I keep thinking she'll be content with a new altitude for a few more days before climbing higher. Silly me!

And I promise, I DO monitor my children!!


Anonymous said...

Oh that look on her face is TOO cute!! :)

Valerie said...

What a little rascal! Too cute!

Matt said...

What a doll. I'm glad I have the sheer pleasure of looking at all of the cute picture (without having to be the one emptying the drawers and cleaning the sugar (and whatever else) up. She is SO cute!

Good luck!!!

Mom said...

Oh my goodness! Now I KNOW I'm nervous about keeping them for the night next week! I'll have to attach her to my belt with a leash, or put Jacob on Mattie patrol, or bells on her shoes! But I can't wait to hug them both!

I do love this window into your world...(Just a hint for the other readers - for when they have babies!)