February 25, 2008

Jacob's homemade activities

Some of Jacob's favorite things to do are word searches, crosswords, mazes, and other activity book like things. Then he likes to make some of those activities for us to do. Here are some of his homemade activities.

Ball Maze

This is the first maze he ever drew me. It is a ball roller coaster with several paths. The Xs are dead ends.


Boat Same/Different Puzzle

It says: ALL THE BOATS R ThE SAmE 1 is not thE SAme put a x on it PUT a O (circle) on the OUNS thAT R the SAme


Tow Truck Maze

In this one the tow truck has to find his way to the garage.

1 comment:

Kjirstin C said...

I love seeing his creativity and thoughts come out. :)

What a neat little man he is!