February 11, 2008

Mattie's Beverage of Choice

Just in case you were wondering, it really is okay to drink an ounce and a half of Tylenol when you weigh 23 pounds-every once in awhile. We know first hand now!

Mattie and I were watching Pride and Prejudice last night (she hasn't been sleeping well with illness and teething) and she wandered out of the room. After a minute or two (even though there were no lights on in the house) I had that "I'd better go see what she's doing" feeling in my gut. Reluctant to leave Jane Austen, I went out to the kitchen and saw her at the counter. I thought she was eating some more of her snack, and saw I was way off as I got closer. She was sheepishly holding the Tylenol bottle... at least an inch less full than it had been two minutes earlier. At my best guess, she had 6-8 tablespoons of it... that's 18-24 doses!

So, thankfully Poison Control does not take Sundays off and was quite helpful! Apparently she was nowhere near the dangerous level for her weight. Though I did have her sleep with me.

And since you're probably wondering, I have no idea how she got the lid off. I'm assuming I didn't have it screwed on completely enough to enable the child proof aspect of it, though if anyone could conquer that at 3 days after her second birthday, it would be her.

12 hours later: I found her on the bathroom counter, in the medicine cabinet today with another child proof lid off. She's obviously figured it out.


Kjirstin C said...

Oh no!!! She really does get into everythin, huh?

Glad to hear she is okay. I bet she slept well!

Mom said...

So did the 2 of you sleep well? or were you too aware of her and restless because of concern?

and how was the retreat?