February 17, 2008

Mattie's Birthday Week

Well, the poor girl was sick on her birthday, but we still managed to have a bit of fun with her. She started off enjoying a jacuzzi (with the jets on - she loves that!), then making chocolate chip pancakes with Aunt Kjirstin for breakfast! She then proceeded to eat them in her bathrobe. What a life!

"The driver on the bus says, 'Move on back! Move on back!'" (Her favorite song on a puzzle that sings!)

Happy girl at Chick Fil A (Yes, we exposed people we didn't know. I know it's horrible.)

The happy big brother

Looking all prepared to blow out her candles, though she never would do it.

Mmmmmm... cake!

Her new kitchen... her only present from us.

Making me some deep fried M&M chocolate chip cookies.

Drawing a pic on her Aqua Doodle play mat from her birth family. :)

Our happy girl!

What a gift she is to us! I don't think I could say, "Thank you" enough to her birth families for entrusting her to us.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

She is so adoreable! (and fun to read about with all her craziness...reminds me of my middle girl)!

And I LOVE that play kitchen!