February 28, 2008

Not the best judgement call...

I stayed up until 3:00 last night reading a good book, and boy am I sorry. It sure was refreshing to be awake during all those hours where it was so quiet, though! It was a Kristen Heitzmann book, Rush of Wings, in case you're curious. She writes Christian fiction. This is the second one of hers I've read and I've really liked them both. But I've got to stick with daytime hours! Hoping the full caff coffee I just made gets me through "Lost" at 9. I know many of you "book nerds" (as Robert calls me) will understand!

1 comment:

Kjirstin C said...

I totally understand!

It's no fun though when you still have to keep going through daily life even though you didn't sleep!

Wow - I can't even count how many times I've done that. I guess I don't learn very quickly :)