February 27, 2008

Why do I love doing this?

I've struggled lately through some abnormally challenging months with my kids. In asking the Lord for wisdom, direction, and renewal He gave me the idea to write out a list in order to renew my perspective. And just fyi, I don't claim for them to all be super-spiritual answers! Many of them are recent frustrations I tried to refocus toward the positive. And these are certainly not all inclusive, just what I came up with off the top of my head.

I love staying home because...
I get to choose what books they are reading.
I get to help shape and encourage their individual interests.
I am available to correct inappropriate behavior at its outset.
I am with them to notice character weaknesses and begin training them in another direction.
I can snuggle with them whenever they need it.
I get to know my kids better than anyone else.
I can tell my children how much I love them any moment I want to.
We can spend as much time as we want snuggled up with a good read.
I don't have to get out of bed in the morning until they do!

I love homeschooling because...
I get to develop and educate them according to their desires, thus instilling a love for learning at every turn!
I get to be their number one cheerleader. I don't have to have snow to cancel and regroup for a day.
I get to learn new things with them every day.
There is no "starting school." We get to encounter and acquire at anytime... quite often after 3:00.
We get to start our day with Bible and "Leading Little Ones to God."
I get to meet individual academic and behavioral needs every day.
There is no mold into which my children have to fit, and boy is that a good thing! (Jacob will never fit into the "sit still, be quiet, and keep your hands to yourself" mode, I assure you!)
We get to learn our vocabulary words without writing a thing.
I don't have to feel like a failure every morning because we arrive 10 minutes late everywhere in the recent past, especially in the mornings! (I only have to feel that way one morning a week.)
I am available to monitor my kids' food intake, and protect them from their allergens.
I don't have the freedom to shop whenever I want, and therefore spend significantly less money than I would otherwise!

So, why are you doing this???

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Edwena said...

That was a blessing. Amen!

Edwena from FIAR