March 25, 2008

August Rush

This is a great movie! We rented this this weekend and really enjoyed it. It is clean, warm, and creative. I'd let any child watch it.
It's a bout a little boy who is orphaned at birth and his search to find his parents. Everything he hears creates music in his head... the electrical wires, traffic, a swingset, wind, etc. He insists his parents hear this music as well and it will be what draws them back together. In the meantime, he is discovered to be a musical prodigy. It's just a great movie!

Here is the pluggedinonline review. Honestly, these reviews are great for info, but I've found that most of the stuff they tell you about is not even noticed in the movie. They mention one point where a little girl says, "Holy ---." (She doesn't finish the phrase.) But she is six, and could just as easily been saying "holy cow." She runs out of the room before she finishes.

So, now you have something to do this weekend!

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