March 12, 2008


We have put our feeders out again! Last fall we had to take them in because they birds were making our back patio so dirty we didn't want to walk out on it. Those stinkin' Mourning Doves! But we've really missed seeing birds, so we thought we'd try again. This time we put the feeders in our front tree, which we'd previously avoided because of our dog. He's still around, but we thought we'd try anyway. And lo and behold, the birds have come! Apparently, he's not much of a "bird dog" after all. They all come with him lying right there in the sun beneath them.

Here are the new birds we've seen this time around, two of them today for the first time!

Tennessee Warbler

Dark-Eyed Junco

Blue Jay

Savannah Sparrow

Downy Woodpecker

Birdwatching has been so much more fun than I ever thought it would be! It seems to lighten the atmosphere of the whole house, because something exciting is happening every few minutes! I realized this today as we got all excited each time we saw a new bird. That's like conquering something too. Getting the right seed, putting the feeder in the right spot, and waiting while they come. I suppose victory is good for all of us!

Jacob came into me while I was in the shower this morning and described a new bird he'd just seen. His description was great! I was so proud of all the things he looked at before it flew away. He gave me a perfect description of a Blue Jay - one of the birds we were hoping would come! (He wants blue birds for my sake... he knows they're my favorite color.)

I know birds have some greater purpose in the circle of life, but I'll choose to be thankful that God sent them to our property to bring us joy today!

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