March 06, 2008

What a beautiful day!

Oh! It is a beautiful day here today! It's reminding me how much I'm ready for Spring! I hope it's not too far around the corner, as it's supposed to be cold again in two days. But for today, we enjoyed it! We opened windows, went outside and took a walk, noticed some seeds on trees, hung some bird feeders in the front yard, swept out the garage, cleaned up around the kids area, and played on the back patio in the sunshine for a long time. There are still toys scattered out there... I'm so glad we've had nowhere to go. I'm looking forward to enjoying the cozy sun-warmed rooms this afternoon.

We have perennials coming up, it won't be long for tulips!

Picture by Harvey Magee

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Anonymous said...

ooooo...I"m so jealous! It's cold and raw here. I'm glad Dad took that picture because I thought that was your yard and I was sinfully jealous! Glad you had a happy day!