March 12, 2008

Spring wasn't around this weekend...

It has begun to look a bit like spring around here, but this weekend (the same day Mattie was admitted to the hospital) we got a nice gift... some snow! We woke up with some flurrying, and kept hoping enough would fall to play in. Mattie woke up saying, "Snowman!" So we kept waiting, and about 1:30 we decided it was now or never. It was about to stop snowing and would probably start melting right away. So we woke Mattie up from her very short nap and bundled everybody up. It was only about 30 degrees and we get some pretty good wind up here on our hill.

For you northerners, don't laugh. This is enough snow to sled!

Mattie and I headed down the hill first.

And she was still smiling at the bottom!

Jacob loved his disc sled!

They tried it all together, and Robert lost a little trust with Mattie... his boots caused snow to spray her the entire time!

Jacob too...

Praise the Lord for strong Daddies!!!

Our happy eskimo girl!

We couldn't go in without having an icicle pop!

We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was too powdery so we went back to sledding. The we came back around front and Robert made this little guy for us! (He's not twelve inches tall.)

Isn't he the cutest little guy??

Then we went in for some yummy hot chocolate in Mommy's special cups! (And yes, Mattie's eye was swelling this whole time.)

She couldn't get enough. And Jacob's been asking for it ever since!

So that's our snow day, such as it was. Not a winter should go by where kids can't sled at least once. Now, Spring can come!

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