March 11, 2008

Meeting Needs

Missy, a lady on the Five in a Row message board posted this list of hers today, and I thought it was great. I know we can't do it all every day, but for me it's good to see a list in one place of things I can do for my children to remind myself of them. And to let me see where I am actually doing well. My weakness, however, is definitely the emotional needs section.

Physical needs
  • Am I providing healthy meals and snacks?
  • Am I ensuring they have their supplements, vitamins, and any needed meds?
  • Are their beds comfortable, cozy and is adequate sleep ensured?
  • Have I taken care of details such as fingernails, toenails, and bandaged their boo-boos?
  • Have I provided clean, comfortable clothes and shoes that fit?
  • Do they have needed supplies such as toothpaste, shampoo, and adequate toothbrushes?
  • Have I provided opportunities for them to be active and exercise?

Emotional Needs
  • Have I shown them love today?
  • Have I affirmed their self-worth?
  • Have they felt nurtured, cherished, safe, and loved?
  • Have I laughed with them?
  • When disciplining, was it done in love and respect?
  • Have I made our home a haven for them?
  • Have I made them feel special by preparing meals they love?
  • Have I listened to them and heard them with my ears, my eyes, my attention, and my heart?
  • Have I allowed independence and choice whenever possible?
  • Have I valued their input and participation in the family?
  • Have I given worth to the things they value?

Spiritual needs
  • Have I prayed with them?
  • Have I offered to pray for their needs today?
  • Have I provided spiritual food in the way of scripture, uplifting music, or sound teaching today?
  • Have I directed their hearts toward Jesus?
  • Have I set a godly example before them through integrity, prayer, study, relationships and responsibility?
  • Have I encouraged their faith?
  • Have I shown them how to encourage and help others?
  • Have I shown them ways to share the gospel?
  • Have I shown them ways to apply scriptures?
  • Have we came together as a family to pray, read, study, share, and enjoy God?

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